About The Jorden & White Law Firm

We bring more than 40 years experience representing ordinary people in the pursuit of justice against insurance companies, big corporations, and the government.  We protect people’s rights, their privacy, and their freedom.

Who we are

The Jorden & White Law Firm is a different kind of Law Firm.  We are a small group of attorneys dedicated to delivering legal representation and justice to those in need of our help and service.

Where we are

We have office locations in Meadville and Erie, Pennsylvania.  Our offices are centrally located between the Pennsylvania counties of Erie, Warren, Forest, Venango, Mercer, and Crawford.  We are also centrally located between the cities of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo.  We go wherever people need us.

What we do

We are dedicated to working for ordinary people and on their cases involving personal injury, individual, government or other corporate wrongdoings.  Our goal is to recover money damages for injury and accident victims.  When justice calls and help is needed, we also engage in other areas of practice.

How we do it

We undertake to win every case and we expect to achieve every goal our clients request of us.  Our experience is not only a Western Pennsylvania experience, but nationwide.  In those cases that are complex, we at the Jorden & White Law Firm utilize a unique team approach.  In such cases, we seek out and engage other attorneys and firms whose experience and expertise will be an asset to your case to join with us as a team.  We also employ the best experts available.  Our approach enables us to successfully handle any size and any type of case anywhere.

Experience in Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law

Attorney Bill Jorden is a Senior Partner at the Jorden & White Law Firm.  Combined, our attorneys have over 75 years of experience delivering justice to people who have been injured, impaired, or victimized.  We understand how devastating a personal injury can be; we know the frustration, anxiety, and pain that the entire family goes through when you or a loved one are injured. It is this experience that we bring to every case we handle.  Experience counts!

The Attorneys Who Will Represent You

When you choose one of our attorneys at Jorden & White to represent you, a personal and professional relationship is established.  The attorney you choose to manage your case to ensure you get the results you deserve and will remain personally responsive to you and your needs.

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