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In a criminal case, charges are typically filed by the State against an individual.  The State attempts to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their laws have been broken for which the individual must be punished.  A criminal case involves a different set of rules and laws than are found in a civil case where the individual prosecutes his claim seeking to recovery monetary relief for the damages he suffered and, in some instances, punitive damages. In the tradition of great trial lawyers, the attorneys of the Bill Jorden Litigation Team have experience and winning track records in both the civil and criminal courtroom.  The constitution guarantees us all certain freedoms and rights that must never be violated by the government.  An aggressive defense of the individual against erroneous or overreaching charges by the State protects not only the rights of the accused, but the freedoms and rights of all of us.

Criminal DefenseOur attorneys have extensive experience in the criminal courtroom; from capital murder cases to sales of controlled substance and drug cases to arson cases, kidnapping cases, robbery, and assault cases.  We can help you with cases involving misdemeanors, felonies, or capital offenses. If you have been charged with a criminal case and need help, call our office for a free consultation and a discussion of our criminal defense fee arrangements.

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