Erie PA Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Bill Jorden

Attorney Bill Jorden has been representing people injured or killed in motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania for over 40 years. With offices in Erie and Meadville, Bill Jorden often represents clients in Western Pennsylvania but has helped people throughout the state.

Motorcycle accidents involving injury and death are best addressed by an attorney who is experienced not only handling motorcycle accident cases but one who is a also motorcycle rider himself.  It is important that your attorney understands the mechanics and operational characteristics of a motorcycle.  Attorney Bill Jorden’s transportation while attending law school in Pittsburgh PA was his motorcycle.  His motorcycle was his vehicle of choice when he began practicing law in Erie, Pennsylvania.  In 1971, he made front page news in the “Erie Times” for winning the first motorcycle case ever won in Erie County, Warren County, Crawford County, Venango or Mercer County.

Motorcycle AccidentsToday Bill Jorden mostly rides his dirt bike in the woods with his friends, although occasionally he will take to the road on a Harley. Bill Jorden understands the freedom you feel and your love for riding your bike.

As a personal injury attorney, Bill Jorden also understand that motorcycle riders are especially defenseless when involved in an accident with a careless driver.  A motorcycle rider is particularly vulnerable to be fatally injured, suffer a severe traumatic brain injury or other injuries that result in permanent impairment of a bodily function or even loss of limbs or amputation injuries.  The vast majority of motorcycle accident injuries are due to the negligence and inattention of automobile or truck drivers who claim they “never even saw the motorcycle”.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, Bill Jorden and the attorneys of Jorden & White have the experience and expertise to defend your rights and hold the negligent or reckless motorist accountable, whether it’s a motorcycle/automobile collision, a helmet defect, or injuries to a motorcycle passenger.

The following are examples of the types of motorcycle accident cases either settled or tried to verdict by Attorney Bill Jorden.

  • A 42 year old father of two was killed when his Harley Davidson collided with an automobile backing out of a private driveway into the path of the motorcycle.
  • A motorcyclist suffered traumatic brain injury and subdural hematoma when a car pulled out from a side street into the path of his motorcycle, catapulting the motorcycle driver over the hood of the car.  The motorcycle driver was not wearing a helmet.
  • A husband and wife were riding their motorcycles on a rural road.  A car approaching from a side street stopped to let the husband pass then pulled out striking and killing his wife.
  • A passenger on a motorcycle was seriously injured when the driver, while operating the motorcycle too fast for conditions, slid on loose gravel and dumped his bike.