Pennsylvania Asset Protection Lawyers

As Pennsylvania trial lawyers, our attorneys have seen first-hand those circumstances where businessmen, physicians, accountants, homeowners, and others suffer financial exposure beyond the limits of insurance coverage or beyond anything that was ever expected, planned for, or intended.  A lifetime of hard work, dreams, and aspirations stand to be destroyed.  Likewise, unforeseen illness and medical expenses can wipe away a lifetime of savings.  In order to protect ones assets from such calamity, we at Jorden & White can advise on how to protect your assets through proper planning and the use of asset protection tools and entities.  Various levels of protection are available to you depending upon your financial needs, resources, etc.  These tools include the formation of limited liability protection entities and asset protection trusts, both in the United States or foreign jurisdictions.  If you believe that your circumstances are such that you wish to engage in asset protection planning, please call Attorney William T. Jorden or Matthew B. Jorden at the Jorden & White Law Firm at 814-724-1771.