Environmental Law

By using a combination of Federal and State laws to protect the air, water, and environment, and common law related to damage and injuries caused by willful or negligent actions, the attorneys at Jorden & White are experiences and prepared to represent you.  Example of the types of environmental cases that we have handled in the past include the contamination of water from oil and gas drilling activities, recovery of damages due to chemical sensitivity resulting from exposure to formaldehyde, representation of homeowners to prevent the State from dumping herbicides into a public body of water, the drafting of zoning ordinances to regulate the safe development of landfills and solid waste disposal facilities.  Whatever your environmental concern may be – sickness or injury that you or a loved one may have suffered that was caused by corporate or government wrongdoing, please feel free to call us to discuss your case.

Environmental Tort Claims

If you suspect that dangerous chemicals are harming your family call Jorden & White for a free consultation regarding your environmental tort claim.

In some cases, negligent or improper drilling and fracking techniques and the chemicals used in such processes, can be released into aquifers, resulting in serious health hazards. In other cases, industrial solvents or petro chemicals have leaked into the soil over years due to improper disposal or from obsolete or abandoned underground storage tanks.

We investigate these claims to identify the responsible parties and to find effective insurance coverage that can compensate you for the damage to your health, your life style, or to the value of your home and lands.

Environmental Crimes Defense

When the State or Federal government moves in, often times without just cause, to investigate your business, the consequences can be devastating. You may face extensive fines and penalties that could severely effect your company’s operations, contractual obligations, and finances. A criminal case also impacts a company’s business reputation. At Jorden & White, our job is to level the playing, defend all charges of wrongdoing, fight to dismiss the case or reduce the impact of a conviction. We are prepared to take your case to trial should that be necessary, in order to defend yours and your company’s rights and practices.