Private Placement Investment & Paymaster Services in Pennsylvania and Worldwide

Attorney Bill Jorden represents clients in both the United States and Europe seeking guidance and advice in matters involving private placement investments and securities trading transactions.  This is a high stakes area of law and an area of law in which profits can be large, but also in which the instances of fraud are also high.  Any individual engaged in such transactions is well advised to seek the assistance and advice of an attorney experienced in matters involving such transactions.

Individuals or entities involved in such transactions may request of Attorney William Jorden that he may perform trustee services in order that funds can be disbursed in a secure, safe, and legal fashion.  Attorney Jorden would act as a trustee, a/k/a a paymaster.  All such transactions must be compliant with federal authorities, including the US Treasury Department and Homeland Security.  Attorney Jorden assists and works with such clients to ensure prompt payment of their fees within the guidelines of governmental authorities and regulations.

What is a Paymaster and what services do they provide?

Transactions involving private placement investments and private security trading transactions often times involve a number of intermediaries and facilitators bound by contract.  The service offered by paymaster attorney is to act either as an interested or neutral third party to receive funds from a transaction(s) entered into between the various individuals or businesses involved.  The paymaster attorney assists and works with the interested parties to receive proceeds from the transaction into an attorney escrow account.  The paymaster attorney then acts to ensure prompt disbursement of these funds and payment of fees within the guidelines and requirements of government regulations.  Paymaster attorney disburses funds according to the directions, understandings, and agreements provided to him.  After taking a small commission as payment for his services, the paymaster attorney reconciles the escrow account and fills out the necessary IRS paperwork.

The following documents and paperwork is required when seeking paymaster services:

  • Copy of a valid passport or driver’s license
  • Complete IRS form W-9 for US Citizens involved
  • Completed IRS form W-8 BEN for non-US Citizens
  • Copy of all transactional documents, including payment agreement
  • A complete and fully executed Paymaster Agreement as provided by Attorney William T. Jorden

*NOTE: Payments and disbursements can only be made in the form of federal wire transfers by SWIFT. Cash, money orders, and bank checks are not permitted.*