Social Security Disability Attorney

The Jorden & White Law Firm assists people in filing claims for social security disability benefits and, also, offers representation in appeals for denied claims. If, as a result of your employment, you have paid into the national social security disability insurance plan, you may be entitled to seek disability payments if you have become disabled through injury or illness and are no longer able to work.

Obtaining social security disability benefits is a unique, complex, and often times a frustrating process. The attorneys at the Jorden & White Law Firm are experienced in working with the social security administration and can help you navigate through the procedural obstacles to get the disability benefits you are qualified to receive. Obtaining disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) can be a long, arduous task. The Social Security Administration acknowledges that a substantial percentage of initial applications for benefits are denied. Our skilled attorneys understand what the SSA expects from social security disability claimants and can help increase the chances of obtaining your benefits in the application process.

If your application for disability benefits has been denied, you should not assume that you are not entitled to social security disability benefits. Appealing a denied claim to the SSDI Hearing Board can be a daunting task that dissuades most applicants. Our attorneys are trained litigators and know the strategies that give the best chances for success when presenting a claim to the SSDI Hearing Board.

You should talk to an experienced social security lawyer at our Firm for a complete evaluation of your case. Your consultation will be free. You will not be responsible for attorney’s fees or costs unless you receive the benefits you are applying for.

We are prepared to help you recover the benefits you are entitled to. Contact the Jorden & White Law Firm to arrange for a free consultation of your social security disability claim with one of our attorneys today.