White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

The attorneys of Jorden & White Law Firm are prepared to work hard to defend you should you find yourself charged with a white collar crime.  We will use our experience, our knowledge, and our skill to achieve for you the best possible result.  As with many criminal cases, however, it is most important that you contact us immediately.  The best results are achieved through early representation.

Most white collar crimes result in Federal prosecution.  There exists a morass of Federal laws that result in white collar cases.  Many individuals charged with white collar crimes don’t even have an idea that what they are doing is a violation of some Federal laws.  Money laundering laws, foreign business practice laws, computer fraud laws, financial institutions reform, recovery and enforcement laws, IRS, foreign bank and accounts, filing and recording laws, money laundering and conspiracy laws, are to name but a few of the laws that can result in an unwary businessman being caught up in a criminal prosecution.  These prosecutions are serious and carry with them significant fines and imprisonment.

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