Joe Plaintiff suffered an extreme painful strain/sprain of his neck, cartilage and ligament damage to his right knee and multiple contusions and minor lacerations when the car, in which he was a passenger driven by Molly Defendant, ran a red light and into the path of an oncoming car.  Joe was the registered owner of […]


You Could Be the Next Victim of Phishing

by William Jorden on May 24, 2012

A recent article in the Pennsylvania Lawyer written by Phyllis Horn Epstein warned that scammers often use fake IRS notices or requests as bait in the latest round of phishing, with potentially disastrous results. Phishing, like “fishing,” involves trolling bait for the purpose of hooking the unwary.  Phishing is the cyber search for personal information.  […]


On Damages

by William Jorden on February 21, 2012

While the law cannot change what happened, the law does provide that upon proof of liability a victim of another’s negligence or intentional act is entitled to an award of money that represents fair compensation for the individual’s damages and loss. The damages that an individual is entitled to receive includes compensation for out of […]


Marcellus Shale and the Attorney

by William Jorden on August 24, 2011

A Look at The Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Industry The Marcellus Shale gas formation is thought to be one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the United States, if not in the world.  It spans from northwest Virginia across much of Pennsylvania and into New York State.  From southwest Pennsylvania to Northeast Pennsylvania, […]


Settlements And Verdicts

by William Jorden on July 5, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire A verdict in Court award in the amount of $252,063.24, and full reinstatement of job status was obtained in a Federal Lawsuit filed by Attorney Bill Jorden on behalf of Clifford VanTassel. Clifford VanTassel worked as a maintenance manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Complaint set forth that […]


Snowmobile Accident Case

by William Jorden on June 28, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire The Commonwealth opened a snowmobile trail on State Gamelands No. 214 in Crawford County, but neglected to remove or guard a steel post holding the gate, or to open the gate. A snowmobiler operating at night time in a snowstorm, collided with the post and gate, sustaining serious injuries. Represented […]


Wrong-Site Surgery Still National Problem 7 Years Later

by William Jorden on June 27, 2011

“Pennsylvania has averaged about 64 cases for the past few years.” – Washington Post Surgical errors such as wrong-site surgery are seemingly easy to prevent from the perspective of a patient and potential victim. According to the latest statistics reported by the Joint Commission, wrong-site surgery remains a problem across the nation although only half […]


A big part of our practice is helping people that have been affected by defective products. Product liability can be a very serious issue, as illustrated in the case outlined below. While researching house fire cases, I came across the case of Michael Joseph v. Lakewood Engineering and Manufacturing Company as reported by L.S. Sherman […]


by William T. Jorden, Esquire In the case of Clifford Van Tassel v. Marilyn S. Brooks, Civ Act No. 02-166, United States District Court, Clifford Van Tassel worked as the maintenance manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at its SCI Cambridge Springs prison. After a new superintendent was assigned to the prison, Van Tassel […]


School Bus Safety Issues

by William Jorden on June 14, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire It is the beginning of another school year and school busses are everywhere. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code has numerous sections relating to the maintenance, operation and licensings of school busses. Other statutes regulate the conduct of vehicles approaching, meeting or overtaking a school bus. Any driver approaching a school […]