Important Information

There are choices and decisions to be made by you, such as whether or not to hire an attorney and the selection of an attorney best suited to represent your interests. Bill Jorden and Matt Jorden offer to prospective clients a free initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we evaluate your case, explain the insurance claim process, what coverages may be available, and what complications, if any, may be involved in your particular case. That information should better equip you to make the right decision. Should you call for an appointment to consult with us, please be assured that we do not consider you under any obligation to engage us or the Jorden & White Law Firm to represent you. Representation is a two way street. We have to make sure that yours is a case that meets our policy requirements for acceptance. You have to make sure that, in your mind, we are the best choice to take care of you and your affairs. Although many clients make the decision to engage our services, we make the decision to accept representation at this first meeting. In meeting with us, you should not feel any pressure to enter into a representation agreement at that time.

In many instances, early investigation by an attorney can make a difference in your case. There are also certain time limitations that you will need to be aware of. For these and other reasons, it can be very important for you to contact us for an initial consultation as soon as practically possible.