Your Initial Consultation

The services you can expect at an initial consultation are as follows:

  1. Free initial consultation with an attorney of your choice
  2. Free evaluation and review of your automobile, accident, or other relevant insurance policy
  3. Free assistance in completing all insurance claim forms
  4. Free evaluation of your claim
  5. Free pertinent information having to do with a personal injury or claim settlement and trial process
  6. Free information regarding the hiring of an attorney and what to look for in entering into an attorney contingent or percentage fee contract
  7. Free information regarding social security, worker’s compensation, or other disability benefits that you may be entitled to receive in addition to automobile or accident insurance benefits.

If your case involves an automobile or motorcycle accident, it is important that you bring to your initial consultation your personal motor vehicle insurance policy.

Attorney’s Fees

If we agree to undertake your personal injury case, we will only be paid fees when and if we recover money for you. This is called a contingent fee arrangement which is quite common among personal injury attorneys. All fee agreements and all representations are not the same. Better preparation, dynamic performance, maximum recovery, and a fair contingent fee agreement can make a big difference in the amount of money you receive for your damages. NOTE: Other services may be subject to fixed charges, hourly charges, contingent charges, or a combination of each, depending on the nature of the services rendered.


After we have agreed to undertake your case we offer full legal services. We not only handle your accident case, but work with you to recover any disability benefits to which you may be entitled. We also handle any other legal problems which may have arisen because of your accident. We contact your doctors and we monitor your recovery. We try to make your recovery as free of worry and problems as possible.