Successful Cases

Bill Jorden Litigation Team has successfully helped many individuals win their case. The cases below illustrate some of our past successes in a variety of situations.

Drilling Rig Accident

In a drilling rig accident a man lost an arm and part of a leg. Bill Jorden Litigation Team sued Dresser industries in a design defect product liability case. Today this man lives in a nice home with a very comfortable lifestyle as a result of several years of appellate court battles and finally a settlement.

Medical Case

About ten years ago, Bill Jorden Litigation Team recovered, in Crawford County,  a quarter of a million dollar verdict for a local doctor in a MIST (minor impact soft tissue) case, with no medical expenses or lost of income claim advanced. That was at the time the largest MIST case verdict in Pennsylvania.

Whistle Blower

Most recently in a Whistle Blower, First Amendment case, Bill Jorden Litigation Team won a Federal Court Jury Verdict against the Pennsylvania Department of Prisons. My client was awarded back his job plus $90,000 of back wages and attorney fees.

DUI Accident

Bill Jorden Litigation Team obtained a six figure settlement against a homeowners policy for a young girl who suffered traumatic brain injury while being driven home by an under 21 year old driver who had become intoxicated at a bonfire party on the homeowners land.

Dangerous Work Environment

Bill Jorden Litigation Team obtained another six figure settlement for a Truck Driver who while on a bridge was helping load cement barriers onto his truck when he lost his balance and fell into a shallow creek below.

Work-related Injury

This past year Bill Jorden Litigation Team settled a products case for a young man who was  feeding bar stock into a lathe, when the bar stock suddenly “right angled” nearly amputating the young man’s arm. We contended that the lathe lacked adequate warnings and a means to contain the bar stock in the event it should “right angle”.

Motorcycle Accidents

Over the course of the last two years, Bill Jorden Litigation Team have handled three motorcycle accident cases each of which has settled for policy limits or in the six figures.

Homeowner’s Negligence

Bill Jorden Litigation Team settled for a six figure amount in a negligence claim against a homeowner’s policy for a gentleman whose spine was crushed when a leaning tree let go and fell upon him.

Dangerous Roadway

Where an intersecting roadway lacked appropriate advance signs notifying a driver of a bottom of a hill intersection which resulted in the death of the operator, a significant settlement was secured with the State of Pennsylvania and as part of the settlement a conspicuous blinker light was installed at the intersection.