Settlements And Verdicts

by William Jorden on July 5, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire A verdict in Court award in the amount of $252,063.24, and full reinstatement of job status was obtained in a Federal Lawsuit filed by Attorney Bill Jorden on behalf of Clifford VanTassel. Clifford VanTassel worked as a maintenance manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Complaint set forth that […]


School Bus Safety Issues

by William Jorden on June 14, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire It is the beginning of another school year and school busses are everywhere. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code has numerous sections relating to the maintenance, operation and licensings of school busses. Other statutes regulate the conduct of vehicles approaching, meeting or overtaking a school bus. Any driver approaching a school […]


DUI… It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Crime

by William Jorden on March 22, 2011

by Harry F. White, II, Esquire On February 1, 2004, sweeping changes occurred to the Pennsylvania Driving Under The Influence (DUI) Statute. Those amendments were a direct result of the federal government’s threat to withhold highway and other subsidies from states which did not lower the DUI cutoff to .08% blood alcohol (bac), but also […]