Product Liability And The Workplace

by William Jorden on April 5, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire It was a cold and wet November day in Crawford County. Alan was hard at work, hoisting pipe to the derrick floor of the oil and gas drilling rig, identified only as rig 10. Alan wrapped two loops of cat line around the spinning cathead. The stiff frozen rope did […]


Exploding Pipe Kills Worker on Wyoming Drilling Rig

by William Jorden on March 10, 2011

On January 5, 2011, a drilling rig pipe exploded on Wyoming’s Pinedale & Ticline.  The drilling rig pipe explosion killed a Drigs, Idaho man who was working on the rig. Drilling for natural gas, as those working on drilling rigs well know, is exceptionally dangerous.  The risk of injury or death to those individuals working […]


Crawford County’s Black Gold

by William Jorden on March 8, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire I have divided this article into Part I, which is essentially a history, and Part II, which contains a few legal issues and observations. Part I In the days of Two Dollar ($2.00) plus per gallon gasoline, international oil and gas conglomerates, and wars being fought over oil and […]