product liability

A big part of our practice is helping people that have been affected by defective products. Product liability can be a very serious issue, as illustrated in the case outlined below. While researching house fire cases, I came across the case of Michael Joseph v. Lakewood Engineering and Manufacturing Company as reported by L.S. Sherman […]


Vioxx – A Lesson About Law And Lawyers

by William Jorden on June 7, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire Last month, August 12, 2005, a small town Texas jury returned a sensational verdict for Plaintiff, Carol Ernst, against pharmaceutical giant Merck and Company. Evidence established that Mrs. Ernst’s husband, Robert, age 59, died of Vioxx induced fatal arrhythmia and heart attack. Ernst, a produce manager at a WalMart Store, […]


Product Liability And The Workplace

by William Jorden on April 5, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire It was a cold and wet November day in Crawford County. Alan was hard at work, hoisting pipe to the derrick floor of the oil and gas drilling rig, identified only as rig 10. Alan wrapped two loops of cat line around the spinning cathead. The stiff frozen rope did […]