Wrong-Site Surgery Still National Problem 7 Years Later

by William Jorden on June 27, 2011

“Pennsylvania has averaged about 64 cases for the past few years.” – Washington Post Surgical errors such as wrong-site surgery are seemingly easy to prevent from the perspective of a patient and potential victim. According to the latest statistics reported by the Joint Commission, wrong-site surgery remains a problem across the nation although only half […]


by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire “Get Off My Land” is the almost universal war cry of the indignant land owner. Few things ignite the passion of Pennsylvania landowners more than a confrontation with an apparent trespasser. Unfortunately, there are numerous principles and rules to determine ownership between adjoining landowners. In certain situations, even qualified […]


Not In My Neighborhood!… Land Use Controls

by William Jorden on March 29, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire Now, in most jurisdictions, exist significant restrictions on land use development. Most municipalities have building codes, subdivision regulations, zoning ordinances, and other laws impacting the development of real estate. As always, educate yourself to the existing public controls on land you want to acquire for a specific purpose. Modern […]


Crawford County’s Black Gold

by William Jorden on March 8, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire I have divided this article into Part I, which is essentially a history, and Part II, which contains a few legal issues and observations. Part I In the days of Two Dollar ($2.00) plus per gallon gasoline, international oil and gas conglomerates, and wars being fought over oil and […]


Your Lawyer Needs A Hug Too

by William Jorden on March 1, 2011

by William T. Jorden, Esquire It’s campaign season and time for some big corporations, politicians and special interest groups to advocate a change in your legal system, by attacking your lawyers . An e-mail circulating on the Internet describes cases allegedly vying for the annual “STELLA” award for the most “frivolous” law suit in the […]


Crawford County’s Secret Wealth

by William Jorden on February 21, 2011

by Harry Faber White, II, Esquire Crawford County and surrounding counties are the home to some of the most valuable hardwood timber in the world. Red Oak, Hard Maple and especially Black Cherry are among the most valuable trees. Everyone owning timber should make every effort to protect the timber and themselves from losses to […]